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Easy party hairstyles for long, short

and medium hair

I want to start by making a few recommendations according to the haircut you currently look, because depending on this, you can choose one type of hairstyle or another. I also want to propose easy party hairstyles so you don't spend too much time combing your hair.

Party hairstyles for long hair

There are many actresses and celebrities who choose to wear long hair with loose hairstyles this year. Personally, I believe that if you can afford it, it is a highly recommended option because it gives an elegant and careful look. Keeping long hair is laborious, but the result is spectacular. If you want some ideas for loose hair party hairstyles, I show you some examples.

You can no longer say that you do not know how to fix your hair ... ;-)

Which of the three photos with spectacular hairstyles for parties do you prefer? Can you give me any other suggestions for evening hairstyles?

For this type of haircut it is advisable to show off your hair with all kinds of waves , surf, natural or wet effect will make you feel very beautiful. They are also attractive and take long hair with stripe in the middle of the 70s style or folk style. They are cool hairstyles , because they don't go out of style. To pick the best hair styler read Chi Hair Straightener Review here.

Another option is the collected ones , which are easy to make and give an elegant and modern look. This will logically depend on what you want to convey with your hairstyle and with your wardrobe.

For example, if you want hairstyles for formal celebrations they will go very well. A recent case of mine are the hairstyles for christening, which I had one recently and it was my turn to comb the whole family.

As a general rule, the dress and hairstyle should complement each other, especially when we talk about party hairstyles, because there more than ever you should go together and agree one thing with the other.

Hairstyles for short hair parties

If you have short hair and yours is the pixie, a toupee can be a good option, in addition to decorating your hair with hairpins, headbands or any other accessory.

How do you see these actresses? Do you think they have a hairstyle for an event? Do you like this type of short hair hairstyles for parties?

If you have a bob cut imperfect waves worked with the iron to give texture, it is always a good option for short hair hairstyles for parties.

With curly hair, the low ponytails work well, but if you want to show off your loose curls, you can use light foams to enhance the shape of the waves.

Party hairstyles for medium hair

The medium hair as a party hairstyle is already a classic. We have already seen short hair and long hair hairstyles for parties, with your medium hair you will be sure. It is very difficult to clash with this type of haircut, because it is simple and elegant at the same time. In the photo, I show you three examples that I especially like. I hope you like them and inspire you for the hairstyle of your next party:

With this type of haircut, we have enough hair to play with collected, disheveled hairstyles , or bangs while we can leave the hair loose or comb the ends inwards or even give a very elegant wet effect .

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